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2016 - 2017


Director: Giovanna Boeri van der Zee

Production Leader: Naomi Brouwer


Peter Shaffer


Struggling sculptor Brindsley Miller and his fiance, Carol, are having a party with the aim of impressing Carol’s bombastic father, Colonel Melkett, and millionaire Georg Bamberger. They hope the two men might purchase some of Brindsley’s sculptures. Without permission, they have borrowed the furniture and effects of their fussy neighbor, Harold, to make their own flat more presentable. Just before the guests arrive, the main fuse blows, plunging the flat into darkness. What follows is a frantic romp with unexpected visitors, mistaken identities, and surprises lurking in every dark corner!

The action supposedly in the dark is illuminated, when the lights are supposed to be on, the stage is the dark. So, only we, the audience, can see the action that ensues in the dark. As you might expect, the results are chaotic, disastrous and very funny, indeed!


Tim Chandler: Brindsley Miller

Anna Blake: Carol Melkett

Marco Carlotti: Colonel Melkett

Anneke Westra: Miss Furnival

Sebastian Prehn: Harold Gorringe

Eni Toth Bagi: Clea

Andrew Tolsma Fernandez: Schuppanzingh

Joppe van der Zwan: Bamberger


Lucie Albrecht

Phoebe Janssen

Amber Sybesma


Yet to be retrieved.


April 27th 2017: Der Aa-Theater

April 28th 2017: Der Aa-Theater

April 29th 2017: Der Aa-Theater

Special Thanks

Elizabeth Chandler

Berber Aardema

Rick Trinks

Erik Woering

Cemre Tepecik

William Engle

Hanna Dosenko

Anneka Westra

Norbert van der Zee

Regina Boeri Pacheco de Castro

Gabriela Boeri Pacheco de Castro

Pedro Boeri Pacheco de Castro

Sergio Pacheco de Castro

Simone Procópio

Kika Sartori

Edouard Moreau

Johanna Kay

Sophie Brouwer



  • The story of Black Comedy revolves around a blackout happening after the first few minutes of the play. As a gimmick, the play started in darkness, making it not able for the audience to see anything happen on stage. Whenever the blackout happens the light gets switched on. This way, the audience experiences a reverse effect, and can see the play happening in what would be darkness.
  • As PR, each of the cast members could be seen in a video where they would express a skill they are able to perform in the dark. Upon performing this skill in the dark however, it was shown that all cast members horribly failed in achieving their goal.