"What is that unforgettable line?"

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2014 - 2015


Director: Bobby Makariev

Production Leader: Katja Feiler


Patrick Marber


This February G.U.T.S. invites you to witness a game of love and heartbreak, in which four strangers meet, fall in love and get entangled in a web of lies, sex and forbidden desires. In “Closer”, one of the most famous plays of the nineties, Patrick Marber has depicted a brutal anatomy of the modern romance, which defines a generation.

Love is a war. The question is, are there ever winners in it?


Femke Nagelhout: Alice

Thomas Groenbroek: Dan

Chanani Champbell: Anna

James Lyon: Larry



February 12th 2015: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum

February 13th 2015: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum

February 14th 2015: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum


Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum

De Pintelier

De Jong Douchette

Special Thanks


  • Closer was nominated for two Cardozo Awards, namely best play and best PR.
  • Multiple posters were made for Closer, all of them including a face shot of an actor with a quote, and one poster with all the combined face shots.


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