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The GUTS archives is the place where the whole history of GUTS is documented for entertainment purposes. Any relevant information of our society can be added for you to look back into your memories, or for newcomers with an interest in the past. With more then 50 years and over 80 plays produced, you will find lots of fun information.

IMPORTANT NOTE: This site is not finished in more ways than one. Of course, we are always looking for more information to be displayed on the archives, but also the lay-out is still subject to change!!

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Cardozo Awards

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All of the information about the society on this wiki is gathered by submissions from its members. There might be a chance that you yourself have some information that isn't on this site. Want to contribute by sharing your knowledge? Find out here how to help!

Not sure where to start? You can help filling in "The Great Gap". "The Great Gap" is the absence of information due to the older GUTS archives not being updated since 2006, and the current web wizard only having information about GUTS from 2015 and onwards. DO YOU HAVE ANY INFORMATION GUTS RELATED FROM 2006 TO 2015? HELP US NOW!

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