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2016 - 2017


Director: Johan Stapert

Production Leader: Elsemiek hes


Nick Hornby

Stage Adapted by Johan Stapert


Do you know your all-time, desert-island top 5 most memorable break-ups?

Rob does. In fact, he keeps a list. But Laura isn’t on it – even though she’s just become his latest ex. He’s got his life back, you see. He can just do what he wants when he wants. Run his record shop, look up the girls that are on his list, generally behave as if Laura never mattered, anything…

And yet Rob finds he can’t move on. The needle of his life seems to be stuck in a really deep groove – and it’s called Laura. Before long, he finds himself asking some of the bigger questions: about love, about life – and about why we choose to share ours with the people we do.

Based on the much beloved book by Nick Hornby, GUTS’ rendition of High Fidelity hopes to answer once and for all the question:

What came first? The music or the misery?


Anthony Sowma: Rob

Sarah Tiplady: Laura

Alfid Hadiat: Dick

Rodney Wierenga: Barry

Samuel Stevens: Ian / Ricky Peaches

Hanna Dosenko: Liz

Aleksandra Giersz: Marie

Giovanna Boeri van der Zee: Penny

Sebastian Castro Alvarez: Vince

Made Verne: Justine

Anna Kamminga: Janet / Anna

Romana Habanova: Charlie

Berber Aardema: Alison / Alison’s mum

Aubrey Williams: Rob’s mum

Pieter van Vliet: Costumer 1

Tim Leegte: Costumer 2

Tim Chandler: Cool Costumer

Erik Woering: Costumer 3

Lola Kraan: Sarah / Caroline / Customer 4


Berber Aardema (Make-Up)

Jasper van der Aa (Propmaster)

Giovanna Boeri van der Zee

Tara Kraaijeveld (Design)

Lola Kraan (Make-Up)

Laura Nederveen (Editing)

Pieter van Vliet

Erik Woering (Sets)


Yet to be retrieved.


March 9th 2016: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum

March 10th 2016: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum

March 11th 2016: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum

Special Thanks

Mr. and Mrs. Woering

Elizabeth Chandler

Amber Sybesma

Jessie Syme

Anneke Westra

Headline Records

Jazzzcafé New Orleans

Our friends and family


  • High Fidelity made use of a projector in the back of the theater, displaying posters containing relevant material to the play.
  • High Fidelity was nominated for four Cardozo Award, namely best play, best design, best actress (Sarah Tiplady) and best supporting role, the latter one being won by Alfid Hadiat