2017 - 2018


Director: Aleksandra Giersz

Production Leader: Hanna Dosenko



Translated by Ben Power


Euripides’ classic Greek tragedy – Medea, in a new adaptation by Ben Power, coming to the USVA theatre this June!

Abandoned by her husband, Medea struggles to save herself and her two sons from exile and, in result, the shaming of her and her family’s name. Blinded by grief and heart-break, she plans a bloody revenge on Jason which she carries out with almost merciless determination.

Medea is a story that still remains disturbingly modern and familiar for its readers and audiences. Its questioning and discussion of the eternal problems linked of revenge, family, gender and fate, Medea remains as relevant to its modern audiences as it did thousands of years ago in Ancient Greece, leaving us questioning the real speed of development in our world.


Berber Aardema: Chorus

Maartje Boekestein: Nurse

James Carter Young: Jason

Alfid Hadiat: King Aegeus

Talea Korfe: Chorus

Myca Millmore: Medea

Henrieke Krijgsheld: Attendant

Femke Nagelhout: Chorus

Anna Saito: Chorus

Aoibhin Quinn: Chorus

Senna Sabbah: Chorus

Jasper van der Aa: King Kreon


Anna Blake (PR)

Alexandra Codreanu (Conductor)

Sofia Dimova (Costume Design)

Rita Dubovska (Make-Up)

Alexander Herdt (Movement Director)

Jonah Hyskiao (Costume Design)

Phoebe Alice Janssen (Props Master)

Lola Kraan (Make-Up)

Daniel Oudekerk (Set Design)

Adrian Sidhu (Set Design & King Kreon Understudy)

Rudy Veiga da Palma (Set Design)

Pieter van Vliet (Composer)

Erik Woering (Stage Manager)


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June 21st 2018: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum

June 22nd 2018: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum

June 23rd 2018: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum


S. Millmore

Jennifer Moret

Elsemiek Hes

Athia Fadhlina

Angelica Boekestein

Willem Serne Images

Special Thanks

Anna Giersz

Andre & Kasper from the Grand Theatre

Rene & Helga from NNT

Kim Hoftijzer

Sasha Schewelewa

Jessie Syme

Melissa Rolink

Bram and many others from the Usva

Femke from Jonge Harten

Hugo from UCG

Iris from Uut de Hoogte

Arian Sikkens

Cyntha Wieringa

GUTS Board

And many others who helped after the making of the booklet


  • Medea was nominated for five Cardozo Awards, namely best Promotion, best Design, best Play, best Supporting Role (Maartje Boekestein) and best Actress (Myca Millmore), the latter two being won by GUTS.


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