2018 - 2019


Director: Berber Aardema

Production Leader: Joppe van der Zwan

Production Assistant: Robin Heminge



Teenage Angst with a Bodycount is a brash dark comedy about the struggles of adolescence and repressing the urge to murder your classmates. Our final play of the 2018/2019 academic year tells the hilarious and uncensored story of typical 80’s highschoolers learning lessons about life (and death) in the hardest way possible.

This play was inspired by beloved dark cult-hit comedies from the 80’s and follows Veronica, a nerdy nobody turned it-girl, on her journey through love, popularity, strip-croquet, and firearm safety. Can she handle the terrible glamorous life the mythic bitches of Westerburg high offer her? Can she resist the mysterious and cynically edgy stranger that has come into her life?


Senna Sabbah: Veronica Sawyer

Oisín Moyne: Jason ‘JD’ Dean

Femke Nagelhout: Heather Chandler

Caroline Gontijo: Heather Duke

Merethe Blandhol: Heather McNamara

Adityahrydai Srinivasan: Kurt Kelly

Priyangshu Goswami: Ram Sweeny

Debora Hellinga / Myca Millmore: Martha Dunnstock

Logan van Steenderen: Coach Bill Sweeny

Jan Hein Dikkers: Paul Kelly / Reporter

Anniek Mol: Miss Fleming

Inge Stallmann: Principal Gowan

Merel Spruijt: Mrs Sawyer

Patrick Werndlij: Mr Sawyer

Johan Stapert: Big Bud Dean

Goth Student: Ioana Mateescu

Merel Spruijt: New Wave Student

Daniel Oudekerk: Nerdy Student

Kim Offeringa: Cool Guy

Lola Kraan: Hipster Student

Robin Heiminge: Nerdy Geek

Joost Doornkamp: Reverend


Patrick (Sets)

Louise (Sets)

Jan Hein (Sets)

Kim (Sets)

Merel (Props, Costumes)

Myrthe (Props)

Daniel (Props)

Femke (Makeup)

Lola (Makeup)

Lissy (Hair, Makeup)

Rosa (Hair, Costumes)

Annika (Costumes)

Joost (Tech)

Felicia (Tech)

Ioana (PR)


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June 13th 2019: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum

June 13th 2019: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum

June 13th 2019: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum

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