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2014 - 2015


Director: Kim Hoftijzer


John Hughes


"They were five strangers with nothing in common, except each other"

Five high school students meet each other during Saturday detention. They are strangers to each other, belonging to different cliques. But by the end of the day they will have broken the rules together, shared their secrets with each other, and found that they were not so different after all.

A princess. A Brain. An Athlete. A Basket Case. A Criminal. They are The Breakfast Club. 


Johan Stapert: John Bender

Jessie Syme: Allison Reynolds

Katja Feiler: Claire Standish

Magnus Klages: Andy Clark

Anthony Sowma: Brian Johnson

Steven de Jong: Principal

Dorian Smilda: Janitor


Sanne van Opstal, Chanani Campbell, Daan van de Wetering, Joppe van Dijk, Abe Wieringa, Ashley Marriott


May 8th 2015: Vrijdag Theater

May 9th 2015: Vrijdag Theater

May 10th 2015: Vrijdag Theater


Special Thanks


  • The Breakfast Club was nominated for three Cardozo Awards, namely best actor (Johan Stapert), design and best PR, the latter one being won by GUTS.
  • On the Sunday performance GUTS offered a special deal, in collaboration with Courtney's Kitchen: people could buy a combination ticket for €17,50 that could get them an American Breakfast and entrance to the Sunday performance