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2016 - 2017


Director: Dawn Bullock

Assistant Director: Myca Millmore

Production Leaders: Elsemiek Hes and Berber Aardema


Terence Rattigan


To love with one’s eyes open sometimes makes life very difficult.

GUTS brings Terence Rattigan’s heartwrenching and most-celebrated play to the Groningen stage. The Deep Blue Sea, set in England in the 1950s, highlights the struggles and despair of a failed marriage, of infidelity and in particular the question of identity with brutal and raw honesty.

Hester Collyer fails at attempting suicide. She struggles to find her social position after leaving the dependable husband who loves her for a brazen, younger man who doesn’t love her as much as she loves him. In the aftermath of her attempt she finds an unlikely ally.

Despite its setting, the themes are timeless and universal as we are ever in need to define ourselves and our social positions.


Pleun van Engelen: Hester Collyer

James Robert Lyon: Freddie Page

Emmet Godfrey: William Collyer

Elsemiek Hes: Mrs Elton

Johan Stapert: Mr Miller

Aubrey Williams: Philip Welch

Femke Nagelhout: Ann Welch

Samuel Stevens: Jackie Jackson


Berber Aardema

Jan Hein Dikkers

Myca Millmore (Dramaturgy, Filming / Editing)

Melissa Rolink (Hair & Make-Up)

Marjon Vosmijer


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June 22th 2017: Der Aa Theater

June 23th 2017: Der Aa Theater

June 24th 2017: Der Aa Theater

Special Thanks

Der Aa Theater

Usva Cultureel Studenten Centrum

De Wolkenfabriek

GUTS Board

Mirnada Laanstra

Jeannet van Dalen

Jansen family

van Engelen family

Hanna Dosenko

Chandler Bullock

Calypso & Chaplin

Jonathan Demoor

Gerben Grimmius

Axel Becker

Drew Sarich

And all friends + family that have come to our aid after the booklet went to print


  • The Deep Blue Seawas nominated for a Cardozo Awards, namely best actor (James Robert Lyon).