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2017 - 2018


Director: Rodney Wierenga

Co-director and Production Leader: Ron Delker


William Shakespeare


Shakespeare’s The Merchant of Venice is often regarded as the most controversial play The Bard has ever written. This is not peculiar: the tale of Italian merchant Antonio who signs a contract with the Jewish Shylock is riddled with antisemitic motives and questions the morality of the law. The Groningen University Theatre Society (GUTS) brings The Merchant of Venice to the Groninger stage in an authentic and completely English rendition.


Adrian Sidhu: Antonio

Tim Leegte: Bassanio

Aubrey Williams: Shylock

Elizabeth Chandler: Portia

Myca Millmore: Nerissa

Henrieke Krijgsheld: Serafina

Anneke Westra: Salerio

Dorian Smilda: Gratiano

Tim Chandler: Lorenzo

Berber Aardema: Launcelot

Anna Kamminga: Jessica

Maartje Boekestein: Duke of Venice

Jasper van der Aa: Tubal

Samuel Stevens: Prince of Arragon

Marco Carlotti: Prince of Morroco


Yet to be retrieved.


Dominique Chopard (Costumes & cast-crew)

Elsemiek Hes (Photos)

Charlotte Korten (PR)

Femke Nagelhout (Make-Up)

Sanne van Opstal (Props)

Melissa Rolink (Make-Up & cast-crew)

Michelle Ruwen (PR & cast-crew)

Nadine Schlichting (Costumes & cast-crew)

Rudy Veiga da Palma (Sets & cast-crew)

Made Verne (Make-Up)

Marjon Vosmeijer (Props)

Erik Woering (Sets & cast-crew)


February 16th 2018: Vrijdag Theatre

February 17th 2018: Vrijdag Theatre

February 18th 2018: Vrijdag Theatre

Special Thanks

Usva Cultureel Studenten Centrum


Ommelander Courant

Roege Boys



  • The Merchant of Venice was chosen as GUTS' golden jubilee play, as GUTS was founded 50 years ago (in 1968). This is the first time the society performed a Shakespeare play.
  • As means of PR, the director was able to advertise the play on the local radio, OOG Radio. Irony struck when just before the small bit aired, the last few tickets for the play were bought, and the play was sold out.
  • GUTS had done Shakespearean projects before, namely the The Complete Works of William Shakespeare (abridged) in both 1999 and 2008. Furthermore, GUTS hosted the Shakespeare Festival in 2016, containing some of Shakespeare's plays, but abridged to half an hour long.