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2019 - 2020


Logan van Steenderen & Kim Offeringa


Howard Phillips Lovecraft


Regina Olmstead is traveling to Arkham, but ends up in Innsmouth – a town with a deep and dark history, shrouded in ominous secrecy. Regina tries to avoid the trappings of the town but finds herself inexplicably drawn in deeper and deeper, as the people, and maybe even the town itself, slowly start to turn against her.

The Shadow over Innsmouth is intended to be a theatrical experience dealing with themes of madness, supernatural horror, eldritch abominations, and cosmic dread.


Femke Nagelhout: Regina Olmstead

Geert Broekmann: Zadok Allen

Oisín Moyne: Barnabas Marsh / Sherrif Raven

Alex Manktelow: Millecent Marsh / Officer Malone

Anthony Sowma: Walter Meserve

Erwin Waijer: Samuel

Senna Sabbah: Annie Tilton / Winifred Gilman

Anniek Mol: Teddy

Jan Hein Dikkers: Joe Sargent / Obed Marsh

Lola Kraan: Mother

Samuel Stevens: Howard Barnes / Philip Trask


Jo Periam (Various roles & Props)

Katrín Hrístova (Costumes & Door Operator)

Melissa Rolink (Robed figure, Make-Up & Prosthetics)

Merel Spruyt (Artistic Director)

Myrthe van der Zwan (Choreographer)

Anniek Mol (Choreographer & Door Operator)

Rudy Vega da Palma (Sets & Props)

Priyangshu Goswami (Cultist & Crewmember)

Elsemiek Hes (Photography, PR)


Yet to be retrieved.


November 8th 2019: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum

November 9th 2019: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum

November 10th 2019: Usva Cultureel Studentencentrum

Special Thanks

Johan Stapert - For Everything

George Tas - Sound Effects

Colin Sigee Henseler - Support

Franca Spruyt - All the sewing

Arian Sikkens - Tech

Benny Nagelhout - Tech

Fokke Zwart - Textiles

Bram Douwes - Usva Contact

Joppe vd Zwan - Catering

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  • The set of the play consisted out of a large canvas on which projections would be displayed, and a large movable door. During the play, a lot of interactions would be done with the set, like the door moving away from the protagonist, even being broken down, or hands coming from the other side of the canvas.
  • The play made use of a soundscape throughout the play.