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2004 - 2005


Directors: Jeroen Vandommele and Elger Abbink

Production Leader: Harrie de Vries


Neil Labute


The Shape of Things focuses on Evelyn, a graduate arts student who encounters the shy - nerdy if you will - bookworm Adam in a museum.

The two hit it off! Adam falls completely in love with the rather eccentric art student, and who can blamer him? Evelyn is the woman he has always dreamed of; she's strong intelligent, independent and very, very goodlooking indeed.

But, as always, there's more than meets the eye. What is that girl up to exactly? Adam wilfully submits into every desire of Evelyn in order to make him more attractive... Not bad, perhaps, but what are the consequences? And what do Adam's friends Phillip and Jenny think of Adam's makeover? What is the effect of Evelyn on their lives?

The author of the play, Neil Labute (famous for his film "In the Company of Men"), explores the darker, unseemly side of life with this black comedy. What is the role of artistic representation and exploitation in everyday life? Questions raised (but perhaps not fully answered!) by GUTS and The Shape of Things!


Youri Dechesne: Phillip

Henriėtte Poelman: Evelyn

Mathilde van Steeg: Jenny

Tom Wilcox: Adam


Maartje de Boer

Jeannet van Dalen

Niek Groenewold

Sieta Schellinger

Glenda Vasse

Mark de Vries


February 16th 2005: Universiteitstheater

February 17th 2005: Universiteitstheater

February 18th 2005: Universiteitstheater



O'Ceallaigh's Irish Pub

Special Thanks

Juliette Reniers (Poster Design)

Jeroen Jager (the glam covers)

The porters of the university building

The people at the Stadsschouwburg

Paul Parent

Frans van Rijn and the UT

The Universiteitskrant

Hans Jansen (for his directing input)